A small seed – a big tree


We, namely: Ania, Ewa, Julek, Kamila, Michal and Nikola went to the Forestry Commission in Kołaczyce to conduct an interview. As part of the Genius Ideas Exchange competition for Jaslo, we are carrying out a scientific and research project , “Trees and us. How to encourage young  jaślan residents to protect trees?”
In the educational room we were greeted by a lady forester and scary stuffed animals. For a while we felt uncomfortable. However, it didn’t last long, because we had to ask questions important to our project. Each of us prepared for the interview. We began to interrogate the lady forester. According to our interviewee, foresters “take care” of the forest, they do not allow illegal cutting of trees. Unfortunately, they cut them down for wood themselves. They run tree nurseries, where they plant young specimens. In addition, the trees themselves take care of their own survival – they seed themselves and from tiny seeds in the right conditions can grow big trees that we enjoy.
We learned the scientific term biocenotic trees. It turned out that these are living and dead specimens, a little scarred, with hollows, with fungi, lichens. In a word, unusual. We were curious how to calculate the age of a tree. The lady said that experienced foresters can estimate the age of a tree, they do it a little by eye. A special device called a pressler auger is used to make an accurate determination. We also learned that the protected tree is the common yew and trees – monuments of nature. Our interviewer made us aware that trees are natural oxygen factories; air conditioners that give coolness on hot days; dwellings for insects, birds and many beneficial microorganisms.
At the end of the interview we received gifts and took souvenir photos of the meeting. We did well!
Anna, Ewa, Julek, Kamila , Michal and Nikola

The GGP task is implemented within the framework of the project: “Jasło – City of Knowledge” implemented within the framework of the project financed from the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget titled “Jasło – my city, my home”.

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