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As part of the Genius Ideas Exchange competition for Jaslo, we are implementing a scientific research project , “In the matrix of discord. How to help Jaslo teenagers resolve conflicts with adults?”. We are high school students and form a close-knit team consisting of: Klaudia, Natalia and two Paulina. We started our work on the project with a diagnosis of the problem made with your pedagogue.

What problems can modern teenagers have? “Probably none”- parents claim. Certainly our school pedagogue would not agree with this, nor would any young person.
Imagine a new school year, a new class, new people. Strangers’ faces everywhere, appraising glances. It happens then , that we feel lonely, afraid of lack of acceptance. Many of us struggle with such problems. How to remedy this? How to find yourself in a new environment? Make friends? To feel confident and comfortable? According to our educator, overprotectiveness on the part of parents can cause a lack of self-confidence. We find it difficult to become independent and find ourselves in a new environment. Usually family problems translate into the functioning of a person in a different environment. According to the educator, 80% of a young person’s success is good family relations. If family relations are inappropriate, one of the parents has problems with alcohol, falls into unemployment, has unfulfilled ambitions that he passes on to the child, is harsh and judgmental, it is not easy to cope with school and life.
Being lost in the modern world full of anxiety and worry can make us fall into bad company. A method of coping in such situations is sometimes stimulants and alcohol. Everyone wants to be appreciated and liked, everyone wants the acceptance of the environment. It happens that in order to get it, we adapt to the rules of the group. Often, in order to gain a position in the group and not have the reputation of wimps, we imitate behavior that is commonly judged as reprehensible. We don’t always like it, but the approval of peers is more important than our deeply hidden feelings and opinions.

“In my opinion, heyting destroys the lives of many young people,” says the educator. A group of young people chooses a victim that everyone stalks. Others join in because they want to be cool and accepted, while some lack the civil courage to help a victim of hejt and are afraid they might join in.
Most parents don’t realize the magnitude and importance of our problems, they often downplay them and think we’re making a fork out of a needle. If they could swap places with us and experience the uncertainty, the fear of constant evaluation, the perpetual stress, then maybe they would understand us and look at our anguish and dilemmas with a more favorable eye.
Klaudia, Natalia and two Paulines 🙂

The GGP task is implemented within the framework of the project: “Jasło – City of Knowledge” implemented within the framework of the project financed from the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget titled “Jasło – my city, my home”.

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