Completion of the project “Jasło – my city, my home”


For three years the City of Jasło implemented the project “Jasło, my city – my home”. Within its framework, 18 different types of projects were implemented, which fell into four different areas: economic, social, environmental and concerning intelligent city management. The total value of the project, which was 100 percent subsidized by Norwegian funds, was PLN 18.7 million. On April 11, a conference was held to summarize the project implemented by the city.

During the implementation of this project, we wanted our residents to identify even more with the city, which has become their place to study, work and live. A home to be taken care of!said Ryszard Pabian, mayor of Jasło, during a conference summarizing the project.

The conference was also attended by: Marta Czarniak from the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, Tomasz Potkański, Joanna Ćwiklińska-Ziomek and Grzegorz Dziarski (Jasło’s advisors in the project) and Jarosław Górski from the Association of Polish Cities, as well as representatives of: partners in the project, local government officials, entrepreneurs, all units and companies of the city, NGOs, associations, foundations, city hall employees.

The conference program included two panel discussions. The first concerned the topics:
“GENeration Jaslo”, which was moderated by Dr. Krzysztof Głuc, and the speakers were Aleksandra Dacyl – an expert in the program “Jasło – a city of knowledge”, Ewelina Jurasz – director of the Office of Artistic Exhibitions in Krosno, Dorota Woźnica – director of the Municipal Public Library in Jasło, Krzysztof Haluch – manager of the GENerator Science GEN, Bartosz Ziaja – from the Jasło Association of Entrepreneurs, and Hubert Zając, a high school graduate from the School Complex No. 4.

The second covered the topic of “Entrepreneurial Jaslo.” Its moderator was Jaroslaw Gorski, sector advisor to the Association of Polish Cities. And the speakers were: Barbara Czajka – entrepreneur, owner of a vineyard, Urszula Skuba – also an entrepreneur, representing the Jaslo Association of Entrepreneurs, Boguslaw Kapala – director of the Plant Maintenance Service from New Style, and Ryszard Pabian – Mayor of Jasło.

Among the project undertakings were:

1: Adjusting education to the needs of the labor market

2: Career paths – tailor-made education

3: Urban design

4: The city’s potentials as a base for the development of local entrepreneurship

5: Days of Entrepreneurship6: Implementation of the Jasło City of Knowledge Program

7: Creation of a Center for Supporting the Activity of Non-Governmental Organizations

8: Active Senior Center

9: Ecological Campaign for Environmental Protection with the Association of Municipalities of the Wisłoka River Basin

10: Construction of road 5KDZ with accompanying infrastructur

11: Construction of the Communication Center in Jasło

12: The City is Me

13: Let’s go in Jasło

14: Implementation of measures based on the self-assessment tool for local government units prepared by the OECD

15: Control under control

16: Communication system with residents

17: Who, what, where, when, why? – i.e. we bet on understandable communication!

18: Development of an accessibility program for the City of Jasło

It should be noted that funding of 100%, came from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget. Partners in the project were the Jasło Association of Entrepreneurs, the Association of Municipalities of the Wisłoka River Basin in Jasło and the Active Galicia Foundation.