“To the source” – traditional singing workshop


The Jasielsk House of Culture invites the people of Jasielsk, both youth and adults, to participate in free traditional singing workshops “To the sources”. During the three workshop meetings (December 9-11), participants will learn about “life in the old way” in the Jasielsk countryside, traditional songs from the Jasielsk region, as well as the technique of performing traditional singing, which involves searching for the natural, “white sound” of the voice.

The workshop will be conducted as part of the “City is I” project, which is implemented within the framework of the “Jasło-my city, my home” project, financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2020 and the state budget.

Learning about the musical heritage of our region is intended to strengthen the sense of being a part of the local self-government community (the city of Jasło-my city-my home) and increase the activity of residents.

The classes will be conducted by distinguished folklorists:

  • Bartosz Galazka – researcher and expert in traditional singing of southeastern Poland. Since 1997, he has been pursuing an original research program aimed at recording, cataloging, transcribing (musically and linguistically) and compiling (commentaries, parallels, lists of variants, range maps) traditional chants and instrumental melodies – works preserved in the living and dying traditions of the region. Among Bartosz Galazka’s most important publications is the series “Carols of Podkarpacie,” in which he presents religious and secular repertoire related to caroling in the broadest sense.
  • Agnieszka Bernacka – singer, dancer practicing traditional singing and folk dance. Over her many years of experience with traditional culture, she has created her own way and method of transmitting knowledge about it and sharing her practice, concerning both the spiritual and material spheres. She documents the soundscape and cultural landscape of her micro-region. It undertakes many educational and popularization activities.

    Participants will be accompanied by the Trojgawicz Band, consisting of: Piotr Wawrzkiewicz – violin, Natalia Wawrzkiewicz – seconds, Magdalena Gladysiewicz – baraban.

    Workshop classes will be held on the following dates: 9.12 (Friday): 17.00-20.00, 10.12 (Saturday): 10.00-14.00 and 11.12 (Sunday): 11.00- 16.00, and will conclude with a concert to be held on December 11 at 17.00 at the Jasielsk Cultural Center.

The number of places for the workshop is limited. For applications (on the form), we are waiting until December 5 this year, Downloadable form on the JDK website https://jdkjaslo.pl/do-zrodel-warsztaty-spiewu-tradycyjnego

We invite you!

Jasielsk House of Culture