Summary of the study tours of young people to enterprises that took part in the Jasielsk Job, Education and Career Fair


Study visits of organized groups of young people from Jaslo elementary school, secondary schools and students to the premises of entrepreneurs-exhibitors who agreed to receive visitors by submitting declarations, have ended.

In total, as many as 150 people took part in them. The participants of the visits had an opportunity to meet such companies as: Erko, Gamart, Gamrat, Jafar, Nowy Styl and Splast.

We would like to thank all companies for the warm welcome and bringing closer to the business and specifics of work, and students and teachers for their time and commitment.

We invite you to read a brief description of the companies participating in the study tours and a short photo report from the visits.

Logotyp firmy Erko

ERKO sp. z o.o. sp. k was established in 1981 by engineer Roman Pętlak. The seat of the company is located in Jonkowo near Olsztyn, and the production branch in Czeluśnica near Jasło. ERKO has always been a family company. It is a leading manufacturer of various types of cable terminals and connectors, as well as tools for electrical works in Poland. Own design offices, advanced production technology and modern and versatile machinery allow the company to quickly respond to individual customer needs. Due to the dynamics of development and market segmentation, the company has created three product divisions: ELECTRO, AERO, ROBOTICS. It is distinguished by its care for the highest quality of products and customer service. It owes its strong position to the passion for continuous development. It is and remains a family company. Thinking about the future, it prepares the next generation for work.

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The company hosted elementary school students and college students on May 27 and 31, 2022.

Zdjęcia z wizyty studyjnej w firmie Erko
Logotyp Firmy Gamrat

GAMART S.A. was established in 1996. It is a manufacturer of innovative solutions in plastics industry with global aspirations and a local distributor in this area in Poland. It employs over 120 qualified workers.

Current activity is based on 4 main pillars:

Research & Development. Developing know-how and designing unique products on a global scale;
Production. Specialization in the production of PE fittings and bends (including large sizes up to 1200mm, all SDRs) and in the production of rainwater harvesting systems;
Machinery. Production and modernization of PTS machines (complete extrusion lines, large size 3D printing, filament production lines for 3D printers);
Distribution. Wholesale and retail (15 stores in Poland, where we offer our own products and those of our partners).
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The company hosted high school students on May 19, 2022.

Zdjęcia z wizyty studyjnej w firmie Gamart

The beginnings of Gamrat S.A. date back to the 1930s. The company has been setting standards in the market of building materials manufacturers for decades. Its wide offer includes pipes from PE and PVC, roof gutters from PVC and steel and soffits and reinforced hoses from PVC. DrenGam linear drainage systems, EasyGam water collection systems, WellGam manhole systems and polyurethane hoses reinforced with steel spiral have expanded the company’s offer in the last 10 years. Gamrat S.A. products are used by contractors from infrastructure and public utility sector as well as by individual customers.

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The company hosted on 30 and 31 May 2022 students from primary and secondary schools.

Logotyp Firmy Jafar

Fabryka Armatur Jafar S.A. is a company with Polish capital. JAFAR specializes in production of cast iron fittings: fire, gas, water, sewage and sanitary fittings. The company is a leader in the sector of Polish fittings producers thanks to the high quality of its products, continuous implementation of new solutions.

JAFAR products have also gained recognition of foreign customers in over 80 foreign markets. History of the company began in 1953 with the start of metal production of cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Production took place in two plants located in Skołyszyn (foundry) and Przysieki (machining). From the very beginning Jafar Foundry belongs to the most modern plants of this type in Europe. The machining plant together with painting shops enable production of products which are competitive in terms of quality and economy on a global scale.

After privatization in 1993, the factory underwent a thorough restructuring. After 2000, development and modernization investments were successively carried out. In the last decade, a modern logistics center was built in Przysieki, with over 5,000 pallet places.

More information about the company can be found at

The company hosted elementary school pupils and students on 1 and 3 June 2022.

Logotyp Nowy Styl

Nowy Styl S.A. is the European leader of comprehensive furniture solutions for office spaces and public utility places. It equips office buildings, conference centers, cinemas, stadiums, music, sports and multifunctional facilities and hotels. It is one of the leaders in terms of sales volume of office furniture and has local structures in 16 countries.

Nowy Styl’s production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and its main Office Furniture Factory in Jaslo is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

In order to stay ahead of the market needs, the company keeps investing in the newest technologies, which are developed in our own Research and Development Center in Jaslo.

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The company hosted high school students on May 23, 2022.

Zdjęcia z wizyty studyjnej w firmie Nowy Styl
Logotyp Firmy Splast

Splast sp. z o.o. was founded by Tadeusz Sanocki in 1989 and has been a family company with Polish capital until today. The company specializes in injection molding of technical plastics. Today SPLAST is one of the most modern plastic processing plants in Poland and a key supplier to the automotive, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, and furniture industries. SPLAST is also a leading Polish and European manufacturer of professional hand cleaning equipment, which is widely used in effective cleaning of offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, etc. Today, it employs over 700 people in four production plants – in Jedlicze, Krosno, Jaslo and Alsózsolc in Hungary. The company has a modern machine park at its disposal, having a wide range of injection molding production capabilities through the applied technologies, such as multi-component injection, MuCell, welding, printing, plasma or gasket casting. It has its own modern laboratories and Research & Development Center, equipped with a strength machine, measuring scanner and 3D printer. SPLAST is committed to innovation; almost 3% of profits is spent on development and research, each year obtaining international patents and utility models.

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The company hosted high school students on May 25, 2022.

Zdjęcia z wizyty studyjnej w firmie Splast