Small radio, big message


On January 10, our research team, consisting of: Ada, Ala, Janek, Maja, Milena and Zuzia went on a trip to Radio Trendy in Krosno. We went there to find out how radio professionals work and to get a sneak peek at their workshop.

Radio Trendy has its headquarters at the Market Square in Krosno. Once inside, we felt a very pleasant and still festive atmosphere, and music came from the speakers, which simply enchanted us. We saw what the recording studio looked like, looked at the huge microphones and speakers. At the site we were greeted by a lady working in radio, who told us interestingly about her work. During the conversation we were joined by the founder of the radio, Marcin Mikos. During our visit, the “Playing on Demand” program was in progress. We did not expect to be able to perform , “live” – meanwhile we were interviewed on the radio! Janek, Milena and Zuzia talked about our project and the school we all attend, which is Elementary School No. 2 in Jaslo. In turn, Ada, Ala and Maja talked about their plans for the holidays and their hobbies. After the interview was over, we recorded two short radio plays using excerpts from our favorite books, and they were: “Michalina’s Eyes” and “In a circle about girls”. The author of these books is Marcin Szczygielski. After recording the radio plays we received nice gifts.

We enjoyed our stay at the radio station very much! After all, not everyone has the opportunity to enter such a facility. We received a lot of practical advice on how to record a radio play. We were able to see what recording a live broadcast looks like and experience it. We also learned that during a live recorded broadcast, you need the ability to read quickly and pronounce clearly. During the entire stay at the radio station there was a very pleasant atmosphere. In short, it was simply a great trip. We spent the whole afternoon pleasantly and usefully. Thank you, Trendy Radio!
The report was prepared by: Ada and Zuzia
Project coordinator: Bożena Dziadzio

The GGP task is implemented within the framework of the project: “Jasło – City of Knowledge” implemented within the framework of the project financed from the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget titled “Jasło – my city, my home”.

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