Zdjęcie z drona centrum miasta Jasła

We encourage owners of investment areas, warehouse and production facilities or office space for rent or sale to send their investment offers.

To prepare an offer in accordance with the standards of Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIiH), fill in the form (in Polish and English) attached below and send it with location photos and maps to the following address: invest@um.jaslo.pl:

Do you have land for sale? Place an investment offer Fill in the appropriate form!

The submitted offers will be added to the administered catalogue of investment offers and will be promoted among investors who contact us.

You can enter an investment offer into the database and promote it for free!

We encourage you to do business with the Town of Jasło.


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Zapisanie się do Newslettera oznacza akceptację zgody na przetwarzanie danych osobowych, którym administratorem jest Miasto Jasło, reprezentowane przez Burmistrza Miasta Jasła, z siedzibą przy ul. Rynek 12, 38-200 Jasło.
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