Mediation not confrontation


A visit to a court mediator in Krosno was the next stage of our project: , ”In the matrix of discord. How to help Jaslo teenagers resolve conflicts with adults”. The matrix of the title is nothing but a trap, because conflicts are a trap for all participants. They are not easy to solve!

The interview with the mediator prompted us to create advice for parents, who are not always able to , “get into our skin”, understand our problems. For centuries, intergenerational differences in views and lifestyles have become a cause of discord in families, often because , “All adults were once children, but few remember that” (Antoine De Saint-Exupery).

Forgotten the ox when it was a calf, or a little guide for the conflicted Parents! Recall the times when you also made youthful mistakes. Do not underestimate or downplay our problems. And here is some advice for you:

  1. In a conflikt situation, present your reasons, but let the youth present theirs.
  2. Settle disputes with compromise, so that everyone feels satisfaction in trying to resolve the conflikt.
  3. Control emotions, do not use violence or vulgarity. A calm dialogue will be better.
  4. Take care of good contact with your teenagers to avoid unnecessary disputes.
  5. We know that it is difficult for you too, but take an interest in our problems.
  6. Try to help your children yourselves, don’t refer them to professional conflict resolution specialists.
  7. Be discreet, do not reveal your children’s problems to outsiders if you want them to trust you.
  8. You too, like your children, set your sights on communication rather than confrontation.
  9. Remember that you are together with your child against the problem, not against each other.

All the advice can be summed up by a well-known proverb: , “Consent builds, disagreement ruins”.

Task Force

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