On the left the inscription: Local Development Local Development on maroon background/ photo and name of the project Jaslo-my city, my home, on the right photo of the setting sun overlooking the town square and liwocz mountain


Warzyce 1.A, 1.B, 1.C Brzyszczki District

Site name: Warzyce 1.A, 1.B, 1.C Brzyszczki District Owner: Municipality of Jasło Basic information: area available (as one piece) : Warzyce 1.A – 0,524 ha Warzyce...

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Strategic objectives of the project Jaslo - my city, my home

City of Jaslo – leader in increasing the quality of life among cities losing their socio-economic functions. Strategic project goals:

Breakdown of the areas in which projects will be implemented

Economic Area

  • Aligning education with labor market needs – III/2022 – II/2024
  • Tailor-made career paths – I/2022 – IV/2023
  • Urban design – IV/2021 – II/2023
  • City potentials as a base for development of local entrepreneurship – I/2022-III/2023
  • Days of Entrepreneurship – IV/2021-III/2022

Social Area

  • Implementation of the Jasło City of Knowledge program
  • Establishment of the Center for Support of Activities of NGOs – II/2022 -IV/2023
  • Active Senior Citizen Center
    • investment project -III/2022 project
    • non-investment project – IV/2022

Environmental Area

  • Ecological campaign for environmental protection with ZGDW
  • Construction of 5KDZ road with accompanying infrastructure – I/2022-IV2022
  • Construction of the transportation center in Jasło – I/2023 – IV/2023
  • The City is Me
  • Going to Jaslo -I/2022-III/2023

Area of Intelligent City Management

  • Implementation of measures based on the OECD self-assessment tool for local government
  • Control under control
  • Communication System with Citizens of Jaslo
  • Who, what, where, when and why? – or focusing on clear communication – IV/2022-IV/2023
  • Developing an accessibility program for the city of Jaslo – I2022- IV/2022


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