in June 2021 there were 1637 registered unemployed, the unemployment rate in the Jasło district in that period was 10.5%, the average salary in the Jasło district was PLN 4,560.20

Human capital

Jasło has significant human resources – 1,637 unemployed people were registered in June 2021, including 491 people under 30 years of age. The unemployment rate in the Jasło Poviat in that period was 10.5%.

Among Jasło jobseekers, the majority (53.42%) have basic vocational, post-secondary or vocational secondary education but there are people with higher education as well (16.32%). The trades and professions that are overrepresented among the registered unemployed are: salesman, cook, economist technician, confectioner, hairdresser, farm worker, construction worker, locksmith, tailor, car mechanic, economist, public administration specialist, office work technician, auxiliary worker in the processing industry.

Jasło has well-developed and well-functioning infrastructure of primary, secondary and vocational schools and two higher education institutions. Jasło secondary schools offer a wide range of curriculum, and about 1,200 students graduate from them each year. The graduate structure is as follows:

  • general secondary school graduates – 40.6%,
  • technical secondary school graduates – 42.5%,
  • vocational school graduates – 16.9%.

High school graduates from Jasło most often continue their education at universities in: Rzeszów, Kraków, Jasło and in other academic centres in Poland.

At the Fr. Władysław Findysz Podkarpacie College in Jasło, students can choose from among the following programmes and majors: Economics, Finance and Accounting, Transport. More information on:

The Jasło Campus of the Łódź University of Humanities and Economics offers education in the following fields: Administration, Political Science, Pedagogy. More information on:

Graduates of Jasło’s secondary schools also enrol for courses in Krosno, a city 20 km away from Jasło. The Carpathian State College in Krosno (formerly the Stanisław Pigoń State Higher Vocational School) offers a wide range of courses, including engineering, bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate studies.

Regional Centre for Transfer of Modern Manufacturing Technologies

There is a Centre for Vocational Education in Jasło, which provides practical vocational training for students attending vocational schools in the Jasło Poviat, as well as for students of various forms of courses. Under the project entitled Regional Centre for Transfer of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, co-financed by the European Union, 5 specialist laboratories equipped with modern teaching equipment were established in the Centre:

Thanks to the Centre’s activity, which provides practical training in modern technologies, entrepreneurs have access to highly qualified staff from the Jasło County.

Competitive labour costs

The average salary in the Jasło Poviat is PLN 4,560.20, which corresponds to 82.56% of the average monthly gross salary in Poland and 96.86% of the average monthly salary in Podkarpackie Voivodeship (2020)

Transport accessibility

Jasło is situated on important intersecting national traffic routes. These are DK 28 Zator – Medyka and DK 73 Jasło – Wiśniówka. The DK 28, which runs through Jasło parallelly to the A4 Motorway and the DK 94, is an important artery in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Better transport connections between Jasło and the A4 Motorway are currently being considered, with a concept allowing for re-construction of National Road 73 between Jasło and Pilzno. The concept ultimately aims to modernise a part of the road and to build new sections of the road which would be the ring roads for Brzostek, Kołaczyce and Jasło. In Jasło, there are also the starting points of provincial roads. These are: DW 992 Jasło – Ożenna and DW 988 Warzyce (at the town boundary) – Babica. Additionally, Expressway S19 is being planned to be built to connect Jasło through the modernised National Road 28. There are also two railway lines running through the town: No. 108 – Stróże-Krościenko and No. 106 – Rzeszów-Jasło. The distance from Jasło to the motorway is satisfying, as it is 60 km, similar to the distances between Jasło and the international airports in Rzeszów-Jasionka – 80 km and Kraków-Balice – 155 km. Jasło has, however, a landing pad for helicopters and small planes.

Pro-investment planning documents

The area of Jasło is largely covered by local master plans (LMPs). There is a relevant LMP for as much as 95% of the areas earmarked for investment. In addition, the Municipality of Jasło is updating the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development to meet the entrepreneurs’ needs.

Inkubator przedsiębiorczości logotyp

Friendly climate for the development of your own business

Beginning entrepreneurs in the IT and telecommunications sectors benefit from the support of the Business Incubator in Jasło. It has an exceptionally favourable microclimate for the growth and development of businesses. In the very centre of the town, micro, small and medium sized enterprises have at their disposal comfortable open space workstations and intimate offices. Symmetrical fiber optic connection ensures identical maximum speeds in both directions.

Within the Incubator offer, entrepreneurs rent fully equipped office workstations with office and technical facilities and a package of professional consulting services useful during the establishment and development of a company. Customers of the Incubator also have at their disposal a modern training room and advertising space on the Incubator’s website. There are also thematic meetings with experts and business support institutions as well as activities supporting industry networking. For more information on this topic, visit


The amount of local tax rates is set out by resolutions of the City Council, within the limits specified by the relevant announcements of the Minister of Finance.

Annual tax rates on real estate used for business purposes (as of 2022)

Annual tax rates on real estate occupied for business activity on land 0.92 zł/ m2, on buildings 23.10 zł/ 1m2 of usable area, on structures 2% of value

Current bank accounts of the Town Hall in Jasło

Tax on means of transport

Real estate tax

Real property tax exemption

Professionalism and favour for investors

Efficient and professional service for all clients of the Town Hall is guaranteed by the Quality Management System adapted to the specificity of local government administration. In 2020, the average time needed to process any affair in the Town Hall in Jasło was 8.78 days.
At the same time, one of the priorities of the municipal development policy is to support entities willing to invest in Jasło. The Mayor of Jasło declares full commitment of the Town Hall in Jasło, so that the time needed to settle necessary formalities related to permits for new investments can be limited to a few months.


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